How to wear the contact lens?

How to remove the contact lens?

  1. Wash and dry your hands.
  2. Use your middle finger to pull your lower eyelid down.
  3. Gently pinch the lens off the surface of your eye using your index finger and thumb. This should not hurt; however, while you are learning, it might be best to keep your fingernails trimmed. This will prevent you from hurting yourself or accidentally tearing the lens.
  4. For some lenses, you can use a contact lens remover, which makes it much easier to take out your contacts: just take the contact lens remover, stick it onto the contacts, and remove them.

How to care the lenses?
Why is the actual color different from the website?

Due to variable factors, such as light, camera lens filters, surrounding colors, original eye color/ eye shape/ makeup etc. the color of the lenses may vary and look different.

A Kind Reminder:

Please contact us within 24 hours after you have received your lenses if you have any doubt about your lenses. Please don’t forget to enclose the lens picture so that we can check for you.

  • How long can I use these contacts?

If you do not open the lenses container, please refer to the expiry date printed on the label.

If you open the lenses container, you shall dispose within the said period listed in the "Replacement Period" in product description, example 3 months. You can wear as many times as you want. Please dispose within the replacement period or after the expiry date on the label, whichever comes first.

Please also take note that the 3 months replacement period is the maximum period you can use your lenses. After you've opened the lenses, it depends on the frequency you use them. It's a wear and tear product, the more frequently you use them, the shorter the disposal time. The longest you can use your lenses is 3 months. Say you used them every day, then we advise you to dispose of them within 1 month.

  • What to do when lenses irritate eyes?

Please soak your lenses in the care solution which is exclusive for contact lenses for 24 hours, then rinse and scrub your lenses gently. 

Check the two sides before wearing lenses to avoid uncomfortable experience, such as irritation, dry eyes,blurry vision, etc.

  • Safety information about wearing contact lenses
  1. Always wash your hands before wearing, removing or handling your contact lenses.
  2. Do not lend, borrow or share used contact lenses, otherwise, it may lead to infection or even blindness to eyes.
  3. Please take off your lenses before sleeping.
  4. Insert lenses before putting make-up on around eyes, and take off lenses before taking make-up off.
  5. Please do not attend any water sports when wearing lenses.
  6. New contact wearer wears less than 4 hours a day. When your eyes adapted to the lenses, you can wear them longer, but do not exceed 8 hours a day.


  • Can I change or cancel the order?

If there is any change you want to apply to your order or you want to cancel your order, please inform us at Help@mocoqueen.com within 2 hours after you placed the order. If the order is cancelled you will get a full refund.

Kindly note that no change or cancellation can be made if the order has been shipped out and completed.

  • What is the status of my order?

To check on the status of an order, sign into your account on mocoqueen.com using the Registered Email address and password you used during checkout. Once you're signed in, click "Orders" from the menu, and your information is all there. You're always welcome to reach out via emailing Help@mocoqueen.com.

  • My coupon isn’t working

If your promo code won’t apply or you get an error message, check whether the following applies to you:

  1. You’ve already used the code. Some promo codes can only be used once, so if you’ve ever used the code in the past then it won’t work again.
  2. The items aren’t eligible. Check the terms and conditions of the code, and make sure the items in your bag aren’t excluded items.
  3. The code has been entered incorrectly. Whoops! The codes are case sensitive so enter it exactly as it is written and try again.
  4. The code has expired. Check the expiry date of the code, as some of them run for a limited time or expire after a set period.

If all the above do not help, our service team would be happy to help you sort out any discount code issues, so feel free to email us via Help@mocoqueen.com


  • How much does shipping cost ?

We offer FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all orders and Express Shipping for extra paid orders in the U.S. Kindly note that the expedited shipping rate is as below.

  • USPS First Class Shipping: Free
  • USPS Priority: $5.95
  • FedEx/UPS overnight: $59.95
  • How long should my order take to arrive?

Please allow 1 business day for processing the order. Processing and shipping estimated time does not account for holidays or non-business days.

  • USPS First Class Shipping: 3-5 business day
  • USPS Priority: 2-4 business days
  • FedEx/UPS overnight: 1-2 business days


  • Can I return the product?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we accept returns and exchanges within 31 days of receipt of delivery. Products must be unopened, and in the original condition of packaging.

  • How should I process the return?

Please contact us via

Help@mocoqueen.com for return validation within 31 days after delivery. After receiving your request email, we will start the return process. We’d love to hear your feedback too.