RX Verification

We do not use the Services to collect or process any protected health information ("PHI") subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”). When filling out PHI, it connects to our HIPAA-certified Jotform Gold service.

Who needs to be applied/verified?

US consumers require prescription verification. Under the new federal laws, we must verify your prescription for your contacts order, even for non-corrective beauty and Halloween lenses.
Disclaimer: You hereby certify that you have a valid prescription from a qualified optometrist or practitioner for your contacts purchase.

What if I don't have a contact lens prescription?

You can get an online eye exam for a contact lens prescription at home with Opternative for $35. 

How would you provide your prescription?
Option 1. Send us a copy of your prescription
  • Please submit a copy of your valid prescription issued by an eye care professional. Kindly upload the image of your prescription through our Jotform (HIPAA-COMPLIANT).


Option 2. Submit contact info of your eye care professional / optometrist / optician. 
  • Kindly provide us with the necessary information, name and phone number of your eye care professional.We will contact him/her and verify the accuracy of the prescription.
  • Your eye care professional has 8 business hours to respond. If he/she does not respond within the required time, your prescription is verified automatically, and we may process and ship your order.